Roof Cleaning

What are those stains growing on my roof?
Besides being an eyesore, a mildew-covered roof in Maryland can actually be unhealthy to some people with allergies. Over time, mildew and black roof algae can breakdown the asphalt shingles and dramatically shorten the life of your roof. A mildew-covered roof can also keeps roof temperatures higher by preventing the reflective capabilities of the shingle granules from doing their job. These higher temperatures can make your air conditioner work a lot harder and increase your electric bills. Lets not forget how terrible a black streaked algae covered roof looks in comparison to a freshly cleaned new looking roof. You may not need to spend thousands of dollars to replace your roof. Let us provide you with a free estimate  Please look at the before and after picture below to see just how amazing it is to transform a nasty black algae & mildew -covered roof back to like new appearance.
Here is a link to provide you with a more in depth explanation of what is growing on your roof.