Deck Cleaning & Sealing

decks1_1Wood decks can be a wonderful addition to your home – but only if they are protected and maintained. We will clean and seal your wood deck ensuring that it will last a long time.
Your wood deck takes a beating from the sun and rain. Without proper maintenance your wood deck will begin to fade to a dull grey color, splinter, warp, and eventually fall apart. A splinter in your toe is never much fun! To protect your deck’s value be sure to call us on a regular basis. A good way to tell if your deck needs help is to pour a glass of water on it if it absorbs quickly than give us a ring!

The Importance Of Staining Your Deck

decks4_1A major source of problems and complaints for all wood finishes is over-application of the coating. Many do-it-yourselfers believe that when it comes to coating, more is better. This is simply not the case and is particularly a problem for decks. Most deck finishes are designed to penetrate the surface of the wood. Putting too much of these coatings on the wood leads to a buildup of material, forming a film which can ultimately peel or crack. For water repellant products, over-application can result in a surface which is overly waxy, sticky, or slick. Over-applied stains will often result in sticky surfaces, since the coating buildup interferes with their ability to dry properly. If you would like to have your deck last for years to come and look the same way it did when you built it, then contact us today. For a look at some of the colors available, click here.

Here are a few of the decks we’ve cleaned, for many more photos, please visit the photos page.

Before power washing

Finished Stained Deck

Another Cleaned and Finished Deck

Another Cleaned and Finished Deck

Here is another Cleaned and Finished Deck